Blog #1

The industry of journalism is changing day by day and now more than ever technology is infused in the industry. As reporters look to take advantage of this, by bring information to the public in new and creative ways.

Recently 22 digital ideas in Africa were given major funding join the form of a million dollars. The company innovateAFRICA will attempt to boarded the technological capabilities in the continent of Africa. Of the 22 ideas, a majority of them centered around ways to give people real time news and report from dangerous areas without putting journalist in danger. Drones along with satellites, are likely were this funding will go into.

Looking at this personally, I think this speaks volumes of how important technology has become. The fact major companies are willing to back journalists and their ideas with large sums of money, shows the new and exciting changes happening with the industry. I have no doubt this will help improve news coverage in Africa, informing more people through the means of technology truly creating a new age of journalism in the continent.

Link to website/article:


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