Blog #2

For the second blog of the class I decided to write on two small articles that covered the same topic, “Robo-Journalim”. Both articles touch on the growing possible that soon artificial intellengce will soon become capable of doing reporting. While this may come as a surprise, it should be noted that each of these articles touched on the common issues and fall backs that have already been seen in the experimenting of these machines. Their inability to cover one-dimesnstional stories and how this would concern factual news.

In a way, personally these articles do somewhat worry me, more in the sense of there is a real possibility that machines could be made to do the job of a reporter. Now whether the machine does the job better than a human, isn’t what concerns me. It’s the idea of replacing journalist with robots. Granted, yes the technology around us is ever changing, but why would our area, journalism, need to be to have a massive turn around like this? Reporters have always been human and perhaps I’m more concerned about this than I should be but it’s not a great feeling to hear the job you wish to have one day, is considered being replaced/filled with machines.

I think there is a truth to these articles, as journalist we may have to come to terms or begin to realize that there are people out there that will attempt to replace us. Journalist aren’t people’s best friends, we all know that but we also should know people will try and remove the human element from reporting. As we become more tech based, we lose our human interactions and adding machines or robots to reporting would only further this.


Link to articles below:


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