Blog #3

This past week in Nigeria, an organized event held by Google and Code for Africa that sought to help over 80 journalists obtain new skills when in the field. A major focus of the workshop was a public records discusses where representatives of Code and Google, encourage journalist of the African country to hold public officials accountable.

Since i have started doing these blogs on digital journalism, I have notice a large amount of attention being devoted towards the developing world. I think this is an amazing thing considering these places often have rather large populations and are constantly plagued by corruption.

Which makes it great that major companies like Google, are putting events and workshops like this together, so that these countries can be improved from the inside out. It also speaks to the power that major companies believe journalist have in our current society. The fact that these major corporations are teaching the press new and creative ideas, shows that many people still have trust and faith that the press can change society for the better.


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