Blog #5

As the sphere of Journalism evolves so to does the tasks that face modern day reporters, living in an era that has seen a rapid growth in both the technology and social media areas. The topic of internet trolls that first may seem like little less than a footnote, lacking any importance. But this article explains the issues that journalist in this era will no doubt face, one of which is combating internet trolls.

Trolls, as they are known are internet user that more often than not post nasty/horrible comments through a variety of ways. Be it on youtube, the daily wildcat or basic chat rooms. Trolls are all around us, they are on of the consequences that comes with this ever expanding world of technology. Therefore, considering trolls may very well continue to grow as does the internet, it’s important to known how to deal with them.

As many people would guess, the basic and easiest way to deal with an internet troll is simply ignoring them. But if we’ve seen trolling first hand when know, that would appear a basic instinct too ignore more times leads to one engaging with the troll. Engaging a troll is probably the worst thing you can do when trying to handle these online hacks. The troll lives for attention and eagerly wants someone to freak, so that then can response to this outburst in a troll like fashion.

It can be very hard at times to simply let things be and allow the troll to mindlessly type away at his keyboard. But the reality is that beyond what we assume a basic way of dealing with trolls, there really isn’t much else people can do to stop them. Again a consequence of living in a world were we all have access to one another. For better but likely for worse, as the world wide web expands so will the number of trolls and their harsh comments. We all like to think that we can ignore them but eventually as with anything in life, we reach a breaking point.

This article was interesting in the way it described the troll, most times the troll is show as a slob or sloth of a person. Yet this article is written from the point of view that we as user, not just journalist, a much much bigger than trolls. Therefore, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to scum to their low levels. With that being said there are still plenty of ways trolls can reach and affect us, it just comes do to the journalist and the level of discipline.


Here is the link below

Fending Off Online “Trolls” in the Age of Digital Journalism


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